September 20, 2019

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Invokana Lawsuit Plaintiffs Move to Consolidate

If you or someone you know is suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, you may have used a medication known as Invokana. You may therefore be eligible to file a claim as part of the multidistrict litigation that will be consolidated against the manufacturer of the drug.

Wonder drug?

Invokana is a drug developed, manufactured and distributed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals. The Johnson & Johnson owned pharmaceutical company is facing more than 100 lawsuits that have been filed in 11 different federal districts for failing to warn patients and health care professionals about the adverse side effects associated with the use of the drug.

Invokana has been on the market for several years. Many health professionals have prescribed the medication to be used in combination with exercise and a healthy diet as a means to manage Type 2 Diabetes. Invokana helps to reduce blood sugar levels by stimulating the kidneys. This results in the removal of more sugar from the blood and it’s expulsion from the body in urine.

Severe side effects

Although Invokana has been known to be effective in its functions of reducing blood sugar levels, the use of the drug has been shown to result in various adverse side effects. These include kidney failure, ketoacidosis and heart attacks. Although authorities in Canada and the US issued warnings against the use of the drug, it was not withdrawn from the market.

While all drugs have side effects, manufacturers are required by law to provide adequate warning of the side effects of using the drug. This advises health care professionals as well as patients of the potential risks associated with using the medications. Patients and health care professionals then have the choice to continue using the drug knowing that there is a possibility of danger or choosing a different and safer medication.

The manufacturers of Invokana however, did not give patients this choice. According to the FDA, the manufacturers of Invokana were fully aware of the drugs effect in causing diabetic ketoacidosis. However, the company did not provide warnings of this on drug labels. It is for this reason that the Janssen and Johnson and Johnson are facing hundreds of lawsuits.


If you’re one of the victims and are considering whether or not to file a lawsuit against the company in relation to Invokana and its adverse side effects, you should be advised that plaintiffs are moving to consolidate the cases into a multidistrict litigation proceeding. This is not only cost savings for plaintiffs but also saves time and increases the chances of success.

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